Thursday, October 4, 2012

a little bit about me...

so i guess im gonna try my hand at this blogging thing. here goes...

(me with straightened hair)

first off, my name is jessica kisling. im 20 years old, soon to be 21 on december 21st. ive got brown hair and brown eyes, a great smile (so ive been told...but i tend to think otherwise) and an outgoing personality. i love to try new things. i try to always keep an open mind and an open heart when it comes to anything and anyone. im a christian, i love the Lord with all my heart. sometimes i get a little lost, but he always puts me back on track. im also a republican when it comes down to it, but i dont get much into politics. im a type one diabetic, for those of you who dont know what that is, its when your pancreas which produces the stuff to break down the sugar in your blood no longer works. i have to prick my finger and give myself a shot before i eat or drink ANYTHING. ive had it since i was 10, its very hard to deal with, but i try.

im the oldest of four, two sisters and one brother. kendall, sydney and joel, ages 14, 13 and 4. their pain in the asses but i love the heck out of em. my mom is also one of my closest friends, a single mom for most of her years. although my dad is in the picture, we dont speak much and when we do it tends to be awkward. i currently reside in boring hickville (lol. can you tell i love it?) anderson, sc with my bestfriend who also happens to be my fiance, jayme. weve been together going on one year and nine months <3 i love him with my whole heart and i couldnt be happier. weve also got a 6 month old puppy who is our baby, raider. hes a dalmatian terrier mix, but we think he has pitbull in him (;

me, raider & jayme. our family pic (:

jayme & me <3

my mom & me

me & kendall

me & sydney

me & joel

me & raider <3

well thats me and my family life so lets talk about my passions and interests now, shall we?
lets see, i absolutely love photography. i love taking pictures...of anything! ive taken one class on it, but i would love to take more. i love animals, im passionate about treating animals as if they were a little person, not just some animal. my fiance and i visit the local shelter in anderson at least 3 times a week and bring lots of treats and love. i am a massive social media user. im constantly on instagram and facebook. im on twitter every now and then (mostly just for justin bieber, we'll get to my obsession with him in a minute. lol), pinterest and i can now add blogging to my list. lol i love music. im open to all kinds but i mostly listen to rap, pop and easy listening, like john mayer. my guilty pleasure has to be justin bieber though. lol i do not care what anyone has to say about it, i love him. period. whether or not you like his music, you can still respect him as an artist. john mayer is my other love and i also have an obsession with nicki minaj. lol i have a love vs hate relationship with food. i love love love food, (did i mention love?). im Italian so i love allll the fattening stuff...the pasta and the meat and the bread. lol but im a chocolate lover too, but im also trying to watch my weight, (ive lost about 40 pounds since december), so i struggle. lol i have an unhealthy obsession with anything hello kitty <3 the other day i bought a hello kitty eraser set...i mean come

in my spare time, if im not spending time with my babies (my fiance & my dog) or my family, im either watching my favorite tv shows; law & order: svu, dance moms, teen mom (even though it only has 2 more farewell specials...tear*), jersey shore, say yes to the dress, family guy/american dad, lizard lick and anythinggg on lifetime, a sucker for romance novels, entering into giveaways (yes, i will have a giveaway sometime in the near future (;) or trying to find something to do on a boring day. lol
well i think thats it, if i think of anything else ill post again. lol this blog is basically going to be about me, my life, and anything that im passionate about. so that could be anything from, something that happened to me today or the new nail polish i bought, a picture i took that i want to share or a new app i downloaded....just follow me to find out (;

also please go ahead and follow me on instagram, @jessicalynn2191, twitter, @jkissling, pinterest, jessica kisling and add me on facebook, jessica kisling. i also have a tumblr, i hardly get on, but feel free to follow me, @jkissling.
thanks for taking the time to read my first post! have a great day (: and keep in mind, im new to bear with me.
-jessica <3
p.s. I curse like a sailor...just fair warning. lol

me with my natural hair


  1. you should write about future wedding plans.. when do you guys plan on getting married?.. what kind of wedding would you like to have?.. (:

    1. that's a great idea. I'm def. going to do that. (: thanks. and we're not totally sure when. within the next two years prob. and an outdoor wedding in the fall (:

  2. We have the same birthday!!!!!! I'm 12/21/81 Yay for first day of winter babies!

    I wanted you to know that I nominated your for a Liebster Award! Check out my post for more info!

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