Wednesday, November 7, 2012

late halloween post

i realized since my things had been stolen i never even go to post anything for halloween! well better late than never! i LOVE halloween. i mean LOVE it. i love watching AMC halloween specials with all the jason and micheal myers (who scares the pee out of me lol) movies. i love carving pumpkins. i love dressing up and i love candy. i dont care how old you are halloween is just fun. lol well my fiance tends to think otherwise. hes the biggest scrooge ever when it comes to halloween. but i ignore it and have fun anyway (; lol granted he did and always has helped me carve a pumpkin (: (our castle pumpkin is pictured above) this year i basically had to beg him to dress up with me...our plans ended up changing and falling through and my purse and phone were stolen the night before we were going out so we ended up not dressing up ): not how i wanted it to go but we still had a really good time. especially towards the end of the night while we made fun of all the girls costumes. i mean honestly if i can see your hooha, your costume is too small. lol but we got to take our little baby, raider (hes a puppy lol) to a petsmart halloween event down the road and dress him up as a land shark and have our picture taken, which was a lot of fun. and on halloween night i got to dress up (just a little) and go trick or treating with my family and siblings. my little brother who is 4, decided to be jason. lol yes jason. he loves the movies and i must say he had the most badass costume of the night. i improved because everyone was putting on face paint and decided to be a sugar skull. now mind you, i am not artistic. i have no artistic bone in my body, but i tried. lol so dont laugh. but the important thing is i had a great time and i cant wait til halloween next year!

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