Saturday, November 3, 2012

temporarily on hold

so sorry that i havent been posting lately...things have been hectic! my purse and my iphone was recently stolen. my purse which cost 400 dollars itself also carried ALL of my belongings. inside was my makeup (about 100 dollars worth), a giveaway prize i just won (worth about 100), my keychains on my keyring ive collected since i was little, pictures of my grandpa who passed away in my wallet, my wallet (which contained money, drivers license, social security card, insurance card, etc...), some of my diabetic supplies (over 700 dollars worth), jewelry, my iphone (with over 2,000 pictures and memories on it) and other miscillanious things. needless to say i was heartbroken. i also learned my lesson about keeping your life in your purse, NEVER AGAIN. ladies, let this be a warning to you. DO NOT CARRY ANYTHING BESIDES THE NECESSITIES IN YOUR PURSE! anyway, i wrote this post to basically say, i will not be posting on my blog for a little while...i have no internet access, except for the library (where i am currently at) and my phone (which was stolen). also the holidays are coming up and things will be crazy for a little while. so i hope everyone had a great halloween and has a great thanksgiving. youll hear from me asap. <3

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